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New IRC Channel

Postby Obsidian » 11 Jul 2009, 02:56

Alright, for those of you that want to talk in a faster-paced environment than the forums, we have opened up an IRC channel on the Freenode network for live help with 'modding and to discuss modifying phpBB.

Channel: #modders
There is no key, but it would be best if you were identified with nickserv. :)

For those that have irc:// URLs associated with an IRC client, here's a quick link.

Please note the following regarding the IRC channel, also:
  • If a user has mode +v (also known as voice), this usually means they are a channel operator but they are currently off duty.
  • The user Failnet is not an actual person, but an IRC bot owned and maintained by Obsidian. It may be used to kick or kickban a user when a channel operator is undercover or off-duty, or as a general purpose factoid bot.
  • Regarding Failnet and other IRC bots, filling the channel with botspam during an active discussion may get you kicked from the channel after being warned at least once.
  • It's okay to bring your IRC bot into our IRC channel, but please do not fill the channel full of botspam.
  • Board rules shall apply to the IRC channel, and that all users in the channel are to be treated with respect as anyone else.

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