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Modifications forum

Postby Obsidian » 07 Nov 2009, 21:10

Hello all,

As a part of the ongoing changes to, it has been decided that we will be adding a second Modifications forum.

This forum will be for those MOD authors that wish to support their MOD on -- users will be allowed to ask for support for a MOD so long as the MOD's topic is in the Modifications forum, and they are asking in that MOD's topic specifically.

Want to post your MOD, and you want to provide support for it? Post your MOD in the [url=]Modifications[/url] forum.

Just want feedback on your MOD, and you don't want to provide support for it? It's easy, just post your MOD in the [url=]MOD Feedback[/url] forum.

Already posted your MOD, but want to begin supporting it on Just ask one of the staff to move your topic into the [url=]Modifications[/url] forum within your MOD's topic, and we'll move it over for you.

Thanks for your support, and have a great day!

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