Scammer claiming to be a phpBB developer

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Scammer claiming to be a phpBB developer

Postby RMcGirr83 » 11 Mar 2011, 13:10

It has been a recurring theme that people are getting emails with something along these lines.


We stronglly recommend that you update your phpBB forum to the latest secure version 3.0.8

For any assisstance please reply to us , we will be very happy to assisst you .

Thank you


We are professional phpbb forums designers and developpers.We have a long experience in the field of designing new unique styles for your forum and installing different MODs which make the use of your forum easier than before.
we provide paid services , and it is a pleasure to tell you that our prices are the lowest among all service providers.

There have been multiple reports at that the individuals or organizations behind the messages above perform consistently sub-par work and refuse to issue refunds to unsatisfied customers.

Please remember some good practices when searching for a developer. Most of these apply when hiring any independent contractor.

Read the email
Many professional people will not make spelling mistakes, such as the above quoted emails, in their correspondence to you. It is completely unprofessional. I mean if the sender can't even spell correctly......

Internet Detective
Run a Google search on the name of the individual or company. You can also search for the contact email address. This is a simple way of finding reviews or complaints by previous customers.

Ask for references
You should never be embarrassed to request references. Ask for a short list of websites that the person/organization has worked on. For larger projects or if you want to be thorough, ask for contact emails and ask the previous customers for their opinions on the contractor.

Don't pay up front
At least, not the entire cost of the project. Half before, half after is a good policy for reputable or recommended organizations. Never feel pressured to pay first.

Trust your instincts
Does the price sound realistic? Did this person contact you out of the blue?

Be careful when handing out credentials
Only give server access to people you trust. Create new accounts whenever possible and give them only the absolutely necessary permissions. Delete the accounts and change all passwords when the work is complete.

Please be careful when choosing someone to do installs, upgrades, etc. as there are many unscrupulous types out there. :beer:

This is a public service announcement brought to you by beer

Mark D Hamill
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Re: Scammer claiming to be a phpBB developer

Postby Mark D Hamill » 18 Jul 2011, 01:58

I ran across a dubious group that was using my forum on to solicit customers by sending them private messages from my forum! I mean, the nerve!

I posted this on my website: is one of my competitors. While I cannot speak to the quality of their work, I can speak to their unethical behavior. Specifically they have been using my support forum to contact via private message people who visit my support forums in attempts to solicit business. They did this using my paid hosting, without my permission and costing me money. If you are concerned about the ethical behavior of those engaging in this sort of behavior, you might want to refrain from patronizing them.

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Re: Scammer claiming to be a phpBB developer

Postby EY » 06 Sep 2011, 21:20

Thanks for the heads up!

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