New Features and Tools

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New Features and Tools

Postby bonelifer » 13 Mar 2011, 15:21



Over the last few months we have been working on fixing bugs/adding features to the IRC bot ([url=]PHP-IRC[/url]) we use in our IRC chat room on Freenode. Recently we have been able to finish the online interface to these IRC logs. The web interface now supports URLS and board smilies. After selecting the room or date, the page will automatically refresh. We've been testing the online interface for several weeks. and after great initial success and reports from various users it has come along nicely and was recently formally opened up for use by board users.

The following public rooms are being monitored currently:

The website IRC log interface can be found at (MENU: ABOUT -->> IRC logs):



After much work by former and current MOD team members the Modders Pastebin, which has been around a while, has been brought back to the main menu for full public consumption. Most recently all pastes by a guest have been made completely private meaning they can only be seen by staff or if the guest has the original direct URL. This has been done to stop or hinder abuse by spammers and they are therefore not index-able by search engines. For registered users that are logged in, we have implemented the ability to see both your public and private pastes at on the left hand side via their respective links.

New tools


We're are always looking to add useful tools to the website or mods/snippets to our forums. This time around we have created two tools that can help aide both mod writers and users.

Unix time converter

This tool allows you to convert unix timestamps (seconds since 1970-01-01, 00:00:00) to a readable date or a date to a unix timestamp. This is a fairly straight forward process where you select your timezone in the drop-down list. Then enter a timestamp or a date. The only field that is required in the date is the year, the rest can be empty. If left empty month and day will be 01 and hour, minute and second will be 00.

Password generator

As the name implies this tool generates random passwords. You simply select what characteristics you want to use: lowercase letters (a-z), uppercase letters (A-Z), numbers (1-9) and/or special characters (!&%#...), then choose the number of characters in the password and click on the Generate button. The uppercase letter O and 0 (zero) are not used because of their similarity.

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