phpbb3 and vpn

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phpbb3 and vpn

Postby weeds » 27 Sep 2012, 19:26

I typically have two tabs in my browser (ff) connected to phpbb3 sites with chat - this one and mine ( Occasionally I use VPN to connect to a customer's system and then disconnect. I have found that I am still logged in to rmcgirr83, but I am no longer seen as logged in to my site. The screen is still there, but if I try to chat, it says I am not authorized. I have to log in again.

This is a minor issue, and I'm not a network specialist at all. Has anyone experienced this behavior, or does anyone have any suggestions as to what might be causing it?

Thank You!


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Re: phpbb3 and vpn

Postby Stoker » 27 Sep 2012, 19:29

Thats because Rich uses ajax to load online users.
So its not a problem at your site.

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