An Intellectual Challenge

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An Intellectual Challenge

Postby Noobarmy » 04 Apr 2007, 19:29

Lol so this might be interesting as to see who can actually work this out (for those who can be botehred anyway). You can use whatever resources you wish excluding anything online. My tips are excel but if you have localhost you could always write a little script to solve it which is what i did. Once you have an answer PM me and i'll tell you if it's right and list your name below :P

Those with correct answers
  • Noobarmy :lol:

There are 5 gears each spinning independtly on a spindel at their own inderpendent but constant speed. Each geaer has a little red mark on it. Disk A spins at 1 revolution every 7 minutes; Disk B 1 revolution every 13; Disk C 1 every 17; Disk D 1 every 19; Disk E 1 every 23 minutes. How long will it take all red marks on the 5 gears point in the same direction in minutes (from when they all start simultaneously) AND when Disk A is pointing in the same direction it was pointing after 2 minutes; Disk B is pointing in the same direction it was after 3; Disk C after 4; Disk D after 7 and Disk E after 9.

Let's start finding the clever people among us :P

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