Redneck Humor

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Redneck Humor

Postby Ooopsie » 04 Dec 2011, 13:16

A redneck was walking home late at night and sees a woman in the Shadows.

“Twenty dollars”, she whispers.

Bubba had never been with a hooker before, but decides what the heck, it's
only twenty bucks, so they hide in the bushes.

They're in there for only a minute when all of a sudden a light flashes on
them. It’s a police officer.

“What's going on here, people?”, asks the officer.

“I'm making love to my wife!”, Bubba answers sounding annoyed.

“Oh, I'm sorry”, says the cop, “I didn't know.”

Bubba says, "Well, neither did I, til ya shined that light in her face.”

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Re: Redneck Humor

Postby Sniper_E » 04 Dec 2011, 20:12

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