[BETA] Game Console

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[BETA] Game Console

Postby blackpawn » 06 Nov 2009, 17:42

MOD title: Game Console
MOD description:Game console is a simple mod that will host text based php games for your users to play while they visit your phpBB3 boards. As of right now the game console will only support php style games.

MOD version:1.0.2
phpBB version:3.0.6

Development stage:BETA

MOD Format: MOD / MODX

1. ACP settings to add/edit/delete games
2. Host unlimited amount of games
3. Limit the amount of games per page
4. Open games to just staff members

MOD download: Here

Demo: Click here to visit the demo website

Demo Account
User : account1
Pass : account1

Games Requirements :
Age of Dragons
More coming soon!

phpBB Group for creating the phpbb3 system
phpbbmodders.net for allowing a place to share my work

Updates :
:!: 11-05-2009 - Forgot to add some code to the instruction but thanks to Petesat this has been fixed and the lastest changes have been uploaded.

:!: 12-08-2009 - Added a better calculation button for the ticks left on the games management page in the ACP

:!: 12-10-2009 - Named all the variables to help clear up the error notices being generated on some users servers
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Re: [BETA] Game Console

Postby Obsidian » 06 Nov 2009, 21:58

Sounds interesting.. I may peek at the source code sometime later and give you my opinion of it.
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Re: [BETA] Game Console

Postby althea06 » 12 Nov 2009, 03:17

This is what I've been waiting for. I really found this very interesting and would love to know more about this.Even if its only BETA, it is still worth a try.
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