SVN Upload FTP (export from SVN and upload via FTP)

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SVN Upload FTP (export from SVN and upload via FTP)

Postby igorw » 03 Jun 2008, 12:29

Hell yeah, another one of igor's tools! :lol:

Okay, here goes: This is a script that is to be run locally. It will export an SVN repository to a folder on your HD and then upload it to a server via FTP. It includes the very first public release of my SVN functions ( :D ), and it uses phpBB 3.0's transfer class (for FTP).

Why the heck would i need this?
Okay, i've started using SVN for many projects, also for some websites. If it's possible to install SVN on the server that's great, it's then possible to update the website by running "svn update". Unfortunately most people will not be able to have this luxury, so i thought i'd make a script that uploads it via FTP. So there you are :).

  • PHP 5.0
  • An SVN repository somewhere
  • A server with FTP
  • SVN binaries installed locally

How to use:
Please don't try to use this if you don't know what SVN is. You should know what you're doing. :x

Checkout a working copy of the SVN listed below, move the files to a phpBB3 install, since the page is integrated into phpBB3. Open svn_upload_ftp.php and edit the configuration at the top. Fill the FTP and SVN details, and set SVN username and password if required. $export_to should be writable (CHMOD 777, or at least 666). Note for SVN settings: local_copy_path needs to be empty, you probably only want to set local_bin_path, which is the path to the folder your SVN binaries are located in.

Where to get SVN binaries

How to get:
Currently you can only get it via subversion:

Code: Select all

Please be careful with it, i did test it, but it may have some dangerous bugs. I will not be held responsible for any damage. ;)

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