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For requests for graphics for mods and new style imagesets.
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Rank Images

Postby Knight Rider Info » 12 Mar 2013, 02:49

Hey guys,

I'm back again. :P
I'm looking for some rank images to match the images that are the majority on my board.

So to re-cap:

  • Administrators: This Red - Member Image and Team Leader Image
  • Designs Team: This Blue - Member Image and Team Leader Image
  • Gaming News: This Greenish color - Member Image and Team Leader Image
  • Global Moderators: This Green - Member Image and Team Leader Image
  • Staff Team: This Red - Member Image and Team Leader Image

The Member one should have a white background behind the text, and the text being the color listed above
The Team Leader one should have the solid color background, matching the color listed above.
Like phpBB.com they should have a little image to the side of them too. :P
The designs team one, could have a paint tray for an image. :P

No time frame for this, but I would like the Images ASAP. (Within a reasonable time)
I don't have access to good editing software, like Photoshop.
I only have Paint, which isn't great for this.
Anyone who does this, it is greatly appreciated.

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