Adding TravisCI and EPV to Extesions

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Adding TravisCI and EPV to Extesions

Postby bonelifer » 23 Nov 2014, 10:22


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clone "phpbb-ext-acme-demo" from Github for the files listed below in step two.
git clone

  1. Go to Travis Accounts, Sync the list of repositories, Enable your extensions repository
  2. Copy the following files to your extension:
  3. Edit .travis.yml
    - EXTNAME="acme/demo" # CHANGE name of the extension HERE
    replace with:
    - EXTNAME="yourvendor/yourextension"
    - EXTNAME="phpbbmodders/holidayflare"
  4. After that, include in your composer.json EPV as development dependency:
    "require-dev": {
    "phpbb/epv": "dev-master"
  5. Add the TravisCI badge to the file:
    [![Build Status](](
  6. Install Composer (Run while in the repos folder)
    curl -sS | php
  7. Update your Composer dependencies for EPV (Run while in the repos folder)
    php composer.phar update --dev
  8. Add the vendor folder to your .gitignore file

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    # Do not submit the VENDOR folder

  9. Commit via CLI on Linux so that the third command here sticks. TortoiseGIT in windows won't be able to see the mode change one the file and Travis won't have the permissions needed to run This means any TravisCI enabled repo can't be altered via Windows.
    git add .
    git commit -m "Add TravisCI integration for EPV and TravisCI badge to"
    git update-index --chmod=+x travis/
    git push

Instructions got from this topic on [url=]Simple way to test your ext on TravisCI[/url] and cleaned up to be more step by step.

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