PHP 5.3 released

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PHP 5.3 released

Postby Obsidian » 30 Jun 2009, 15:56

PHP 5.3 publicly released

Hooray, the newest major release of PHP is finally out of Release Candidate status and publicly released!
You can see the release announcement [url=]here[/url], and a full changelog for PHP 5.x can be found [url=]here[/url].

Some of the new features in PHP 5.3 include [url=]late static binding[/url], [url=]namespaces[/url], and [url=]NOWDOCs[/url].

With any luck, this PHP release will make coding easier and the language more flexible than before for us 'modders. :)

...Just stay far away from [url=]goto[/url], or [url=]this[/url] could happen to you.

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