Tracker and calendar.

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Tracker and calendar.

Postby tumba25 » 04 Nov 2010, 02:28

We have opened our tracker to the public. The tracker is originally written by [url=]JRSweets[/url] and we have modified it to suit our needs and updated it. If you find any bugs in our website or have any feature requests, then that is the place to post them. The same goes for our official MODs and libraries.
The tracker belongs to the website so bugs in itself goes in the website tracker. :geek:

We have also opened a calendar that shows users birthdays and some events. The calendar is originally written by [url=]igorw[/url] and is modified and updated by [url=]RMcGirr83[/url]. It is brand new so there is not so much events in it yet but we hope to have more soon. If you have a event you think should be in our calendar, either use the [url=]Contact form[/url] or pm a team member.

We have also done some moving around in the menus so the main menu are less crowded. Suggestions welcome.

This is a dynamic website considered to be a work in progress so I expect there to be some bugs. You should also expect things to change, hopefully to the better.

/The Team.

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