Development template and Feedback forum Rules

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Topics in this forum are not for MOD support, they are for giving the author feedback.
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The topics in this forum are not for general MOD support, they are for giving the MOD author some feedback, ideas and bug reports.
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Development template and Feedback forum Rules

Postby igorw » 02 May 2007, 16:08

When posting your MODs in development, please use following template (this isn't required):

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[b]MOD title:[/b]
[b]MOD description:[/b]
[b]MOD version:[/b]
[b]phpBB version:[/b]

[b]Development stage:[/b]

[b]MOD Format:[/b] MOD / MODX

[b]MOD download:[/b]



If the MOD was requested, mention that with a link to the request Topic. If you are not the only author, or if you borrowed some code, put that in the Credits.

Adding a prefix to your topics in this forum is not required, but if you choose to do so, below are some regulations regarding that issue.

These are the possible Development Stages:
  • [Dev] - Planning Phase. You don't have to provide any Code yet, just explain the Idea.
  • [Alpha][x] - You have finished a bit of code, but it isn't done yet. The X stands for the Alpha release number.
  • [Beta][x] - You've finished most of the Code, and are looking for Bugs. The X stands for the Beta release number.
  • [RC][x] - The MOD has been submitted to the MODDB, and is waiting for Validation. x is the number, so if validation of RC1 failed, you update it to RC2, ect. The X stands for the RC release number.
Once your MOD has reached final stage and is accepted into the MODDB, you will not have to add a prefix anymore.

Authors are required to provide support for any mods whose file are stored physically on this website. phpBB Modders is not a free file hosting site. Any topic found to not be in compliance will immediately be locked.

Authors are required to post in English in both their posts and screenshots.

1178125680 - igorw: initial version
1304528400 - bonelifer: added rule about stored mods
1305310560 - bonelifer: added rule about English in posts and screenshots

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