parsing with decode_message without BBCODE_UID?

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parsing with decode_message without BBCODE_UID?

Postby mcopta » 09 Apr 2015, 12:58

i want to pass some posts from a phpbb3 forum with BBCode into another phpbb3 database.
The problem i have is, i lost* the BBCode releated database fields like bbcode_bitfield and bbcode_uid

*converting to MyBB and now back to phpbb3

This was my idea:

parse the post with decode_message($row['content'], $row['bbcode_uid']);

and then with

generate_text_for_storage($some_text, $new_uid, $new_bitfield, $bbcode_options, true, true, true)

to get all BBCode releated datas.

Problem is, for decode_message i need the bbcode_uid and i haven't that.

Anybody an idea?

Greets Markus

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