Where ask it ?

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Where ask it ?

Postby westernz » 03 Dec 2009, 11:49


To be sure I will not put mess on forum...
I want know where i can ask modding.
I already did 16 modification and, I need 3 more mods to ending my first forum version.
Those 3 mods doesn't existe (or i didn't fond them)

- opening a joined pdf in the post
- subgroup for group
- Adult check and sécure for some forum and post.

I will explain all i need in the right forum.
Please let me know where i can ask modding.

I agree to work on too, but my knowlegs are really poor and on commercial web site Php like PEEL.

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Re: Where ask it ?

Postby onehundredandtwo » 24 Jan 2010, 09:12

Hi westernz,

Just in the MOD authors discussion where you have already posted is fine. :)


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