Unknown column 'u.user_points' in 'field list' [1054]

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Unknown column 'u.user_points' in 'field list' [1054]

Postby realman1732 » 28 Oct 2010, 19:26

Hi Friends,

Help me out in solving this issue please. I have installed medals and it created some error so i uninstalled it and now this is the error am getting when am goin to my site. http://www.sportsfreak.co.in

Unknown column 'u.user_points' in 'field list' [1054]


SELECT u.user_id, u.username, u.user_colour, u.user_points, b.holding FROM (phpbb_users u) LEFT JOIN phpbb_points_bank b ON (u.user_id = b.user_id)


FILE: includes/db/mysqli.php
LINE: 163
CALL: dbal->sql_error()

FILE: index.php
LINE: 149
CALL: dbal_mysqli->sql_query()

Please guide me in fixing it


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Re: Unknown column 'u.user_points' in 'field list' [1054]

Postby tumba25 » 29 Oct 2010, 05:54

Seems like you missed to remove the edits that MOD did in your files. Check in the main install.xml file and revert those changes.

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