[RC1] Board start date in y/m/w/d

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[RC1] Board start date in y/m/w/d

Postby rotsblok » 20 Feb 2012, 09:48

MOD title:Board start date in y/m/w/d
MOD description:Shows the start date on the index page in x years, y months, z weeks and a days ago.
MOD version:RC1
phpBB version:3.0.10

Development stage:

MOD Format: MOD / MODX

MOD download:


Credits:Jeroen B for the initial mod. (board start date on index).

It's my first mod, so perhaps some of the coding can be done more efficiently. But after 3 days of work I was happy it worked the way I wanted to. It doesn't give an accurate number of years/months/weeks/days because I don't take into account leap-years, number of days in months etc. I just calculated the number of seconds per month/year/week etc. so for years it would be 365*24*60*60 = 31536000 seconds.
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