Github announcement and Request for coders/stylers

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Github announcement and Request for coders/stylers

Postby bonelifer » 07 Feb 2015, 18:05

With the future in mind, we've split up our mods and extensions on Github into two separate organizations. This will help everyone find them easier, since they won't be lumped together in one group. Going forward mods will no longer have new functionality added, only security fixes will be made to them. These security fixes will only be made within the EOL(end-of-life) timeline of the phpBB 3.0.x line.

Extensions now reside in the "phpBBModders" organization:

phpBB 3.0 Modifications can be found at the new "phpbbmodders-30x-mods" organization:

Porting of 3.0.x mods to 3.1.x extensions is well underway, but going slower than we'd like. For awhile we've been thinking of adding new team members to help with moving to extensions. With so many potentially talented coders we thought it best to put this out in an announcement rather than trying to PM/email everyone. Having knowledge of any of the following: PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, and styling(UI) would help. We particularly need someone knowledgeable in graphics and styling(UI).

Steps to Apply for consideration
Please use the Contact page to apply. Then choose "Join the team" as the reason. Provide a brief description of your skill-set, and if possible examples of styles or mods/extensions you've worked on.

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