converting ipb to phpbb3

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converting ipb to phpbb3

Postby posix » 02 Oct 2008, 20:20

i'm sorry i didn't know where else to put this. move somewhere else if necessary.
i am part of team of admins running a website that has an ipb v2.2.0 installed. it has been used since 2002. recently the guy who had always paid for the license left and it looks like it will expire by the end of 2008. we are therefore looking for alternatives. we found phpbb3 to be a very nice forum standard, just look at this very forum, and wanted to convert our forum to it, too. we used a script made by a guy who goes by the id of "Dicky" over at the official forums. it allows to convert from ipb v2.3.x to phpbb2. ... 5&t=576207
although we run ipb v2.2.0 and not v2.3.x, the database tables are all identical, so we doubt this should be an issue. when the script had done its job, we upgraded to phpbb3. this all happened on a sandbox subdomain. we had to find that the result was disappointing. a lot of things, like several bbcodes, avatars, attachments, polls or custom member titles, were missing. apparently this is normal. either it's not possible to get a better result or the script has room for improvement.

i decided to post this here because it looks like a lot of phpbb3 experts read here and i was hoping some of you might have some advice whatelse we could do in order to get a more "complete" conversion.

thanks in advance for your replies.

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Re: converting ipb to phpbb3

Postby niceoneday » 26 Mar 2013, 15:52

You can look at that ; ... ow-to.html
He would explained how can u convert ipb3 to phpbb3 easily.

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